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6'3" HS - Holy Grail - FutureFlex - 36.94L

6'3" HS - Holy Grail - FutureFlex - 36.94L

6'3" X 20.75" X 2.75" - 36.94L

The Holy Grail is a model that sits a little above the Hypto Krypto in terms of ability to perform tight critical moves in the pocket. It is a board that your average surfer can ride and catch a lot of waves, but experienced surfers can also push this board into some very high performance waves and maneuvers. It has been designed to take that Hypto surfer on a journey with their surfing ability, still maintaining that flow and run the Hypto has but reducing the surface area in the nose, as well as using some inverted outlines late in the tail to bring some very responsive curves and feeling later in your turns. It can ride all types of waves from flatter faced waves to steep faced waves.

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