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9’2 Surftech TAKAYAMA  DT-2 - 68.1L

9’2 Surftech TAKAYAMA DT-2 - 68.1L

9'2" x 22.2" x 3" - 68.1L

There is no such thing as the perfect longboard, but if there was this would be darn close. Donald’s “all-rounder”. This board was designed with more focus on noseriding than the DT-1. With the ability to do it all. Turn, trim, noseride, you name it the DT-2 can do it. Working in waves from ankle high to well overhead, the DT-2 can be ridden and enjoyed in all conditions. This board could easily be a one-board quiver or just a trusty old friend you pull out when you want a board you know you can trust.

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